What is the EPF?

The inaugural European People’s Festival was held in Libramont, Belgium in July 1992. The aim of the Festival Committee was to invite 60 participants from each of the original 12 nations of the European Union and hold a pan-European Festival with culture and sport. The Belgian Committee managed to achieve contacts with a town (population approximately 10,000 persons) in each of the then 12 EU member nations.
During the inaugural Festival representatives of the twelve towns decided that the Festival should be held annually and hosted by a different nation in turn.
At the Dunoon Festival in 1993 a European People’s Committee consisting of two members from each nation was formed. This Committee meets twice a year to discuss Festival business, future Festivals, dates and venues. The European Festival Committee is run democratically with an adopted Constitution and Executive members elected for a term of office. Since the inaugural meeting new towns from New EU member states have been added to the Festival line-up with the remainder being sought out for future participation. Currently, 15 cities are part of the festival.
The 2012 festival will take place in Frederikssund. The Danish members of the European People’s Festival, Frederikssund will arrange the festival, which last took place in Denmark in 1994. The festival will take place from 21nd – 28th of July 2012. The center of the festival will be a place called Kalvøen, where all the sporting events will take place, as well as the festive, cultural and culinary events.
The aim of the festival is that it should be an experience for the local citizens, who will have a unique opportunity to see the various cultures of the participating countries. This will be exhibited in the different cultural shows, the sporting events and the various culinary presentations and in the stalls.
During the festival the participating cities will have friendly competitions in different sports. In Frederikssund, competitions in the following sports will take place: Football, handball, volleyball, relay race (obstacle course), petanque and “fun sport”.
Each city will perform a cultural show for the local citizens and the other festival participants. This can be music, dance, theater etc. = party guarantee!